Health Systems Management

Luel San Diego, IS Associate in Science '03, BS HSMIS '07
Jefferson Medical College | Admissions Registrar
Philadelphia, PA

Jefferson provides excellent educational programs to prepare healthcare workers. Jefferson is known for producing skilled professionals who are caring and committed to be of service to the community.

Jefferson offers curricula that prepare professionals who will cater to the changing needs of the healthcare community. TJU can compete with other healthcare schools in the aspects of teaching, service and research.

Jefferson provides equal opportunities for education. The Jeff-at-Night program gives employees a chance to pursue a degree while maintaining their jobs. Jefferson University offers many student support services to assist students.

The knowledge and skills I learned at Jefferson helped in upgrading my job performance and my position. My mentors advised me not to be satisfied with what I have achieved but to continue and aim for a Bachelor’s degree. Their support and encouragement are the most valuable aspects of my education. My professors taught me the curricula, but more importantly, have instilled in me the desire to pursue higher education and the belief that learning is a life-long process.

Jefferson has a faculty of competent educators. They are knowledgeable and experienced in their respective fields. I appreciate their commitment and their sincere desire to impart their knowledge and their experiences to their students.