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Get to know our alumni as they share their personal experiences of life at Jefferson and in their healthcare careers. We hope that their stories will be a resource for you as you learn more about Jefferson. Our alumni are here for you. Email them your questions about the university, our programs, campus life, clinical experiences, their professional career paths — anything that interests you — and get the facts from those who have been in your shoes. Please visit often, as we plan to update the profiles with new faces and fresh stories.

Best of luck as you prepare for your future as a healthcare professional.

Bioscience Technologies

Jill Carroll, BS '96, MS '05
Camden County and Burlington County Community College |
Adjunct Professor of Biology

Camden, NJ

I chose Jefferson because, at the time, I was interested in genetics, which is closely related to biotechnology. Jefferson's biotechnology program is well-rounded and one of the first established in the country. Read profile...

Matt Finley, BS '04
Temple University Student | PhD in Molecular Technology
Philadelphia, PA

I chose Jefferson because, at the time, I was interested in genetics, which is closely related to biotechnology. Jefferson's biotechnology program is well-rounded and one of the first established in the country. Read profile...


Health Systems Management

Luel San Diego, IS Associate in Science '03, BS HSMIS '07
Jefferson Medical College | Admissions Registrar
Philadelphia, PA

The Jeff-At-Night program gives employees the chance to pursue a degree while maintaining their jobs. The knowledge and skills I learned helped in upgrading my job performance and my position. Read profile...


Laurie Didyk, BSN '00, MSN '02
AtlantiCare | Nurse Practitioner
Atlantic City, NJ

While I was at Jefferson, I needed to continue to work full-time to support my family. My advisors were very considerate of my needs and were willing to work my clinical rotations into my current schedule as an attending nurse in the surgical arena. Read profile...

Tom Loveless, BSN/MSN '02
Jefferson School of Nursing | Full-time Professor
Philadelphia, PA

The most valuable aspect of my Jefferson education is my relationship with my professors. They made a commitment to my education and they continue to direct and guide and make themselves available to mentor. The mentorship is life-long. You always maintain that relationship. Read profile...

Occupational Therapy

Michelle Barr, BS '03, MS '04
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) | Occupational Therapist
Philadelphia, PA

Jefferson gave me a strong basis of knowledge in many treatment areas, including non-traditional areas such as clinics. Jefferson helps you to think beyond traditional occupational therapy roles, to be open to new opportunities, and to get involved in innovative areas. Read profile...

Teal Benevides, MS '04
Jefferson School of Health Professions | Full-Time Faculty,
Department of Occupational Therapy

Philadelphia, PA

Jefferson values professional leadership and encourages students to get involved in community based projects and professional associations like the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). Read profile...

Marlene Weiner, BS '95
Interiors for Independence | Entrepreneur/Founder
Philadelphia, PA

Jefferson's reputation and high standing in the healthcare field attracts the very best faculty. Exceptional faculty, along with cutting edge technology and resources, sets Jefferson apart from other healthcare schools in the area. Read profile...

Physical Therapy

Stacey Caviston, MS '02
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) | Acute Care Teamleader
Philadelphia, PA

Jefferson's career development office is very helpful. I frequently attended the resume and interview workshops, and they helped me refine my resume — even after I had graduated. Read profile ...

Josh Finley, MS '03
Mercy Health System | Physical Therapist
Philadelphia, PA

My education at Jefferson — the knowledge and work ethic — prepared me to take on a challenging career. My professors set the bar high and it was up to me to pursue those goals once I graduated. Jefferson helped me to become the best clinician I could be. Read profile...

Radiologic Sciences

Rimmon Greenidge, BS '05, MS '07
Jefferson School of Health Professions | Clinical Instructor,
Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Philadelphia, PA

Jefferson gave me hands-on experience working with patients early in my training to be a healthcare professional. There is a strong emphasis on patient care — we began our clinical rotations in the second week of classes. Read profile ...

JoAnn Ludwig, RT '67
EM Adams Company | Medical Sales Representative
Ft. Piece, FL

Jefferson instilled an extremely great work ethic; that's the standard we were taught as students. The work ethic of Jefferson students is over and beyond that of any other student in the profession. To this day, my Jefferson colleagues have all excelled in their careers. Read profile...

Megan O'Connor, BS '07
Pennsylvania Hospital | Ultrasound Sonographer
Philadelphia, PA

My decision to pursue a Radiology degree as a full-time student was flawless through Jefferson. I entered the one year accelerated program and not only was I impressed with the curriculum, the faculty exceeded my expectations. Read profile ...

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