IT Operation Services
Server Management Services

Server Support Services

The Jeff IT Infrastructure management team offers server infrastructure support services for supported server hardware located in our data center locations.  Support services include:

  • Server Hardware configuration, installation and support
    • Supported hardware includes Dell Servers, Blades and Vmware Virtual Machines
  • Operating System configuration, installation and support. Supported Operating systems include:
    • Microsoft Windows 2003 (32-bit,64-bit versions)
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (32-bit,64-bit versions)
  • Server Availability Monitoring
  • Server Health Monitoring
  • Local Firewall and Anti-virus
  • Load balancing
  • Performance Tuning

Application Services

The Jeff IT Infrastructure management team also offers infrastructure application support services, including:

  • Network User Management
  • Domain Storage
  • Central Authentication and Directory servers
  • Consultation

Technology Liaison Services

The Jeff IT Infrastructure management team also acts as a liaison with other organizational service providers to make available additional services, including:

  • Data backup and restoration
  • Disaster recovery
  • DNS hosting
  • Network Firewall

Related Request Forms

The following are available to download when making a server request.

New Server Request
Server Retirement Request
Firewall Port Request
DNS Change Request
Server Access Request


date revised 12/22/08

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